Thursday, August 23, 2012

"WLSER" at The Vyner Studio, London

     Gallery as a place which is used for exhibiting art is one of the favorite places for art lovers. But lately when art became urban pop culture that touches all walks of life, not even pegged to age, some just become too exclusive, so it looks more prestige than other galleries. It was not the wrong choice, because some artists need some sort of branding through exclusive gallery where they can showcase their work. In contrast to this artist, Iker García Barrenetxea, a painter, an illustrator and a muralist based in London. In April 2010 Iker founded The Vyner Studio as a place to exhibit his works. The interesting thing is that The Vyner use the concept of a studio in the gallery, making it a warmer place open to everyone, not just those who enjoy Iker’s work, but also those who are interested in visiting the event which is usually held at The Vyner Studio.

“Set as an artists studio that hosts exhibitions as well, The Vyner Studio has evolved to a collaborative platform of artists, designers and 3rd parties. We have run many events: from exhibitions to workshops and other pop up events. We have worked with artists, other art galleries, curators and schools. The space has been designed using imagination and our hands, using recycled materials as much as we can. Our goal: to end up with a dynamic gallery space that we can customize for each event.”

     Some time ago, precisely on 28th July until 10th August, 2012 has held an exhibition titled Western Lifestyle Everyday Recipe (WLSER) by Iker Garcia Barrenetxea, which is the founder of The Vyner Studio. Inspired by how communication is evolving so rapidly, with supporting devices such as new media, smartphone applications, gadgets and links usually found in social media and advertising, Iker relate how we are all constantly connected, especially during Olyimpics 2012 in London. Through his works, Iker shows us the simplicity amidst complexity. 

      By using original ink on paper, Iker's illustration simply describe the athlete silhouettes in irregular black lines. At first glance, we would not immediately notice any particular forms in it. Also, if we look carefully anyway, seems he also minimizes the broken lines in the whole work. The use of this kind of line style commonly found in those who incorporate elements of psychology into their work.
     In addition, WLSER also offers variants of other products such as posters, small framed lithographs, T-shirts, this presented the possibility of including a "coloring book" for adults, made ​​from compiling Iker's illustrations, where the viewer is invited to create their own masterpieces . With a wide range of products, of course WLSER has become a very exciting event, not only because the main work of Iker, but also "WLSER" has given a different experience to the visitors. 

Here are some photos taken from the WLSER:

The Vyner Studio
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