Saturday, August 25, 2012

The 2012 Olympic Cauldron Designed by Thomas Heatherwick

One of the most eagerly awaited by many audiences from around the world some time ago might be "The London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony", which took place at 9 pm London time (4 pm ET) on Friday, July 27. This has always been an interesting thing to watch every four year. Besides the art show itself, which was directed by Danny Boyle, one thing that catched people's attention that night was the Olympic Cauldron used. Each host country is always prepared  interesting and different cauldron to always give the good impression, even to its ignition procession. At the beginning, it seems there is nothing special about the cauldron used, even less likely to have a shape like a torch. Thought was instantly changed when one by one "petal copper" lit and long pipes began to move automatically, very beautiful indeed for a cauldron ignition procession. 
The cauldron was designed by Thomas Heatherwick. Featuring 204 copper petals, each representing one of the competing nations which were brought to the stadium by each team as part of the athletes’ procession, the petals were then attached to long pipes in a ring at the centre of the arena. In the climax of the ceremony the individual flames spread between the petals, converging on the cauldron to create one giant flame.
The cauldron was developed at the Heatherwick Studio in Kings Cross, London, which Heatherwick founded in 1994 with the aim of “bringing architecture, design and sculpture together within a single practice.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"WLSER" at The Vyner Studio, London

     Gallery as a place which is used for exhibiting art is one of the favorite places for art lovers. But lately when art became urban pop culture that touches all walks of life, not even pegged to age, some just become too exclusive, so it looks more prestige than other galleries. It was not the wrong choice, because some artists need some sort of branding through exclusive gallery where they can showcase their work. In contrast to this artist, Iker GarcĂ­a Barrenetxea, a painter, an illustrator and a muralist based in London. In April 2010 Iker founded The Vyner Studio as a place to exhibit his works. The interesting thing is that The Vyner use the concept of a studio in the gallery, making it a warmer place open to everyone, not just those who enjoy Iker’s work, but also those who are interested in visiting the event which is usually held at The Vyner Studio.

“Set as an artists studio that hosts exhibitions as well, The Vyner Studio has evolved to a collaborative platform of artists, designers and 3rd parties. We have run many events: from exhibitions to workshops and other pop up events. We have worked with artists, other art galleries, curators and schools. The space has been designed using imagination and our hands, using recycled materials as much as we can. Our goal: to end up with a dynamic gallery space that we can customize for each event.”

     Some time ago, precisely on 28th July until 10th August, 2012 has held an exhibition titled Western Lifestyle Everyday Recipe (WLSER) by Iker Garcia Barrenetxea, which is the founder of The Vyner Studio. Inspired by how communication is evolving so rapidly, with supporting devices such as new media, smartphone applications, gadgets and links usually found in social media and advertising, Iker relate how we are all constantly connected, especially during Olyimpics 2012 in London. Through his works, Iker shows us the simplicity amidst complexity. 

      By using original ink on paper, Iker's illustration simply describe the athlete silhouettes in irregular black lines. At first glance, we would not immediately notice any particular forms in it. Also, if we look carefully anyway, seems he also minimizes the broken lines in the whole work. The use of this kind of line style commonly found in those who incorporate elements of psychology into their work.
     In addition, WLSER also offers variants of other products such as posters, small framed lithographs, T-shirts, this presented the possibility of including a "coloring book" for adults, made ​​from compiling Iker's illustrations, where the viewer is invited to create their own masterpieces . With a wide range of products, of course WLSER has become a very exciting event, not only because the main work of Iker, but also "WLSER" has given a different experience to the visitors. 

Here are some photos taken from the WLSER:

The Vyner Studio
1 Vyner Street, London, E2 9DG
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

James Thompson

     James Thompson is currently a Southern California based “desoprapher” which includes design, photography, video graphics and video editing. In votreART, we know him more deeply as a photographer. His photographic works look quite unique, something unusual can be seen in our facebook page. The main object in his works are mostly dominated by women, as you can see here. In addition, the composition of the colors used by James always looks vivid, with the poses and expressions are also strong and looks "expensive". There was a day someone asked: "Why is it always a woman in a swimsuit?”, then we said, maybe his work is influenced by his lifestyle. But to be honest we were also wondering. So we asked the same question directly to James, and he answered:

"I like to photograph women in unique and extraordinary situations. Women are beautiful in their own unique ways, but to see an image of an attractive girl with a cone or trash can on her head makes people think. I want to be original, I want to be different, I want to be fun, wild, and crazy. Often times I'll shoot sexy girls in beautiful landscape settings, but with random synthetic or industrial objects. This juxtaposition makes people question the subtle reality of the image and remindsthe world of the infinite possibilities of originality. When people experience my photography, I want them to be experiencing something new with every photograph. I want them to experience something that they will remember, look back on, and ask themselves, 'what the fuck is actually happening here?' 

I pay attention to all artistic details such as color, line, shape, form, contrast. I love using vibrant contrasting colors and accentuating the subject with background lines. As a film lover I look at each one of my shoots as a mini movie set. It is my own production, my vision, that I try to bring story, but they call for the viewer to create that story with their own imaginations."

For more of his work, find him on instagram: @j_z_l 
Twitter @_J_Z_L_

Thursday, August 16, 2012


So since we had planned in July 2012, finally we are proud to publish the first work of our collaborative project with SANTLOV, a Miami-based photographer / graphic artist. This project aims to introduce each of our movement. Santlov since we saw for the first time is a photographer who has a high creativity in each of his works, especially in ToysRLikeUs photography campaign. Not only that, the high consistency can also be given by Santlov, so he is able to provide an even bigger surprise in every new work published. Accordingly, we are interested to do this collaboration, also in order to introduce creative photography to more people in the world, especially the arts community, so they can start thinking outside the box, and can further enhance their creativity. This is the first work that has been created so far. Next we will publish more works in a special album titled VOTREART X SANTLOV. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Santlov is a Miami-based photographer/graphic artist and mastermind behind the viral ToysRLikeUs photography campaign.  His seemingly realistic photographs consist of widely recognized, iconic toy characters finding themselves in the midst of relatable everyday-like human scenarios – a style that uniquely synchronizes fantasy with reality.  

Having grown up in Miami, Santlov got involved in art by way of graffiti as a teenager being heavily influenced by the Miami, NYC and London street art scenes and cultures.  Although his own participation in street art “kept him in some trouble…it also helped in developing and shaping the skills and styles he showcases in his works.” 
The actual ToysRLikeUs concept, says Santlov, “was initially conceived to be a sort of parody…a way to poke fun at modern human trends and behaviors.”  Most of the scenes that Santlov captures feature actual toys he grew up playing with and speak to society’s dependence on technology, most notably smartphones, tablets and computers.  Despite this societal dependence on technology, Santlov uses very little to no post-editing at all.  The purpose of his photographs is to push the limits of “realism” as far as possible.

Many of the concepts Santlov creates are inspired by personal experiences and the trends that people follow and find themselves immersed in, one of them being the widespread usage of the Instagram photo-sharing phone app.  In fact, it was on Instagram that Santlov’s ToysRLikeUs campaign literally went viral.  In less than one year’s time, Santlov has cultivated a following that exceeds well over 200,000 people - all of whom receive new images directly from Santlov every single day.

Santlov continues to challenge himself as an artist.  The widespread support he has received and his commitment to sharing his unique creations means that this hungry, multi-talented contemporary artist is here to stay.  Be sure to follow Santlov on Instagram (username: Santlov) and visit to register your email for future updates regarding limited releases of his work for purchase, upcoming news and additional contact information.

Written by Daniel Burstyn from OFM Talent, Inc., Miami Beach FL.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sergio Lopez ‘Painted Roses’

     ‘Painted Roses’ is the debut solo show from Sergio Lopez. The new body of work consists of a variety of oil and gouache works on paper, linen and canvas; nudes recline, their floral tattoos melding into the decorative filigree of the backdrops.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Project Sleepless: "Readable Book of Hotel Bedcovers"

    SLEEPLESS is a collaboration between The Great Eastern Hotel and fourteen students from the Royal College of Art's acclaimed Design Products department led by Professor Ron Arad. Reactive installations and objects invite guests and visitors to take part in an experience and step into a hidden dimension where a hotel is more than just a place for the night. Part of the project is Bedtime Stories. This blanket, designed by Tiago da Fonseca, has several sheets containing a traditional bedtime story. Each "page" adds a layer of linen making you warmer (or cooler) and comfier hopefully guiding you and your partner into a pleasant night's sleep.