Thursday, August 16, 2012


So since we had planned in July 2012, finally we are proud to publish the first work of our collaborative project with SANTLOV, a Miami-based photographer / graphic artist. This project aims to introduce each of our movement. Santlov since we saw for the first time is a photographer who has a high creativity in each of his works, especially in ToysRLikeUs photography campaign. Not only that, the high consistency can also be given by Santlov, so he is able to provide an even bigger surprise in every new work published. Accordingly, we are interested to do this collaboration, also in order to introduce creative photography to more people in the world, especially the arts community, so they can start thinking outside the box, and can further enhance their creativity. This is the first work that has been created so far. Next we will publish more works in a special album titled VOTREART X SANTLOV. Enjoy! 

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