Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Expansion" Sculpture by Paige Bradley

Meditation is one way to cultivate the mind that may be known by many people. By clearing the mind, and at the same time focusing on the point of serenity, basically we're exploring the breadth of our souls. "Expansion", a sculpture by Paige Bradley reminds me of it. With her meditation position, plus the presence of cracks in all parts of the body that emit light, making this sculpture perfectly describe what's going on inside. When we explore our souls to reach a stage where everything exceeded our bodies, about who we are, what we are, what the environment has been set up for us since we were born.
What I like is when the glowing cracks stopped at the end of the crown as an exit point, and the center of the light is located in the center of the body. However, in my opinion, the light box which is placed at the bottom of the sculpture looks a bit excessive, though it gives the impression that the light serenity flows from the bottom to the crown. With this composition, the light box almost covered the power of the sculpture itself.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Seebühne - A Massive Floating Stage of the Bregenz Festival In Austria

Performing arts is one art that has a high level of complexity. Combines not only the human element involved in it, but also elements of layout area, which should also support a show that is being performed. With an adequate budget, usually people will compete to create a magnificent stage decoration. But nowadays magnificent is not enough, uniqueness is an absolute thing you must have if you want to excel in this field. The advantage is that when people would also be curious about the whole event, because they know the decorations will be very interesting. So basically people come up with two reasons, the main show, and an additional show, which is the decoration that you set on stage. 
The Seebühne, a massive floating stage on Lake Constance, is the centerpiece of the annual Bregenz Festival in Austria. The stage hosts elaborate opera productions that are famous for their extraordinary set designs, for audiences of up to 7000.

"Zebra Dreams" by Galen Hazelhofer

Animals are one of the objects that are not easy to be painted and not many artists who have tendency to make the animals as a primary object. If you would like to paint animals, paint it as realistic or if not, make it in surreal, so the painting will attract people's attention, at least that's our opinion. This watercolor painting titled "Zebra Dreams" by Galen Hazelhofer is one that successfully combines both. The Zebra looks ordinary in shape, but Galen add some color to the zebra stripes, makes it so stunning. Galen also made several animal paintings that you can see here!