Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Expansion" Sculpture by Paige Bradley

Meditation is one way to cultivate the mind that may be known by many people. By clearing the mind, and at the same time focusing on the point of serenity, basically we're exploring the breadth of our souls. "Expansion", a sculpture by Paige Bradley reminds me of it. With her meditation position, plus the presence of cracks in all parts of the body that emit light, making this sculpture perfectly describe what's going on inside. When we explore our souls to reach a stage where everything exceeded our bodies, about who we are, what we are, what the environment has been set up for us since we were born.
What I like is when the glowing cracks stopped at the end of the crown as an exit point, and the center of the light is located in the center of the body. However, in my opinion, the light box which is placed at the bottom of the sculpture looks a bit excessive, though it gives the impression that the light serenity flows from the bottom to the crown. With this composition, the light box almost covered the power of the sculpture itself.

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