Monday, January 23, 2012



The Concept, Collection, and Space...

The ARTEVISTAS Art Gallery was born in 2007 with the ambition to help everyone discover the rich diversity of contemporary art, and share with them our passion, our emotions. Our gallery specializes in the promotion of young talents, and we are betting that many of the artists we support will be the great talents of tomorrow.

Contemporary, our collection includes over 800 original works, including paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures. The collection is being renewed constantly. More than 50 artists, emerging or more established, work with us, and constitute an eclectic set of styles, techniques and universes. The uniqueness of each artist, his or her own absolutely recognizable identity, is one of our key selection criteria.

ARTEVISTAS took up residence at number 4 of Passatge del Credit, a unique and iconic place for its architectural interest, located between Las Ramblas and Sant Jaume Square, in the same building where painter Joan Miró was born.

The gallery has two different spaces:
- The Main Hall with the permanent collection

- The VIP Room, in which we organize every month temporary solo exhibitions.

Galería ARTEVISTAS / Passatge del crèdit 4 / 08002 BARCELONA
(+34) 93.513.04.65 /


Sunday, January 22, 2012

"ART - la música" is about...

ART - la música as part of ART is a medium created to provide a place for musicians wherever they come from, especially those who are under the indie label, or even those who make music just for hobbyists and promote it through Youtube or other online media.

We want to listen to your music!!!

Content to be posted will be more dominated by the video performance of musicians from various countries around the world. The difference in language is not a problem because we think that art, as well as the music is a universal language. With good integration with all the channels that we have, we really hope that it will run as good as our main page so this page can be used as a forum to share not only for musicians, but all music lovers in the world.
Support your musician friends by informing them about this page!
*Fiman Prayudi Utama for votreART

Saturday, January 14, 2012



Hello everyone,
So, in early 2012, we returned with a good news about partnership cooperation we do with Seekoo Web Radio in France. This cooperation will include information about the exhibitions to be held by Seekoo Web Radio as a radio-based of art that you should listen to every day. Let's start with a little overview..
Seekoo web radio is part of a 4-star hotel, SEEKOO HOTEL located in Bordeaux, France. The concept of Seekoo web radio is simple, music 24 / 7 with no adv break and 100% dedicated to the diffusion of contemporary art on web. They do exclusive web show with international artists (FOCUS ON), galleries and contemporary art museum (ART GALLERY TOUR). They are in direct contact with exhibitors. and all exhibitions are dedicated. Each month SEEKOO web radio provides new exclusive contents of art right from the best arts experts.

Why these artists and cultural institutions  choose to exhibit on Seekoo web radio?

Fré Ilgen gives a perfect answer "The initiative of Hotel Seeko'o to add virtual exhibitions to the web-site of their Radio Station is an interesting new approach to promote the long relationship between art and music studies by artists like Kandinsky and many others. "

Since July 2011, Seekoo radio grows with partners related to music & art event. Here they are:

Ibiza Sonica (listen seekoo radio on Ibiza Sonica monday to thursday from 11am to 1pm). Ibiza Sonica get 1,2 millions of unique listners each month

Evento 2011 The biennale of contemporary art of Bordeaux. Seekoo radio  média partner with Michelangelo Pistolleto exhibition

Agora 2012 : The biennale of architecture (media partner)

         Now, we have become partner of Seekoo, and hope that with this partnership we can continue to provide good service to the artists. Enjoy!