Sunday, October 30, 2011

Diego Fazio

"Sono bravi tutti tranne me"

"Prova a fermarmi"


"Nessuno mai"

     Diego Fazio or also known as DiegoKoi was born in Lamezia Terme (CZ) October 25, 1989. As a young man he started out creating tattoo designs and was inspired by the work of Katsushika Hokusai. In time, Diego’s technique moved on from the sharp and heavy lines of Japanese tattoo drawings and he progressed on to the lightness and delicacy of pencil drawing. 
     The persuit of perfection is an obsession for Diego. He has the ability to see hundreds of shades of grey and achieve extreme realism in his works. He spent a brief time training with the great artists Calabrese, Maurizio Camevali who helped him define his drawing skills to be able to communicate his vision. Diego has made a great name for himself and is commissioned regularly from all over the world. His work goes beyond the simple picture and has wowed the public with exhibitions in the picturesque area of Calabria, Italy. 
     With his background, it is not surprising to see how strong Diego's work, with an almost perfect technique he's really communicating emotions through each of his works and far beyond that, in my opinion, he also successfully convey his vision as an artist.
- Audience Award Best Artist 2011 NonfermArti
- Prize painting section NonfermArti 2011

posted by Fiman Prayudi Utama for ART

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Carla Raadsveld




     Carla Raadsveld, born in  Holland, since 2001, moving to Ireland  is an artist who is currently concentrating on painting  original canvas. During the five years she completed her studies at the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Art and has received two international fellowships in the arts. In  the year 1973 - 1987,  Carla has also been participating the international exhibitions.
     Three of her works she sent to ART are really stunning. Bright red color that she uses on her paintings immediately caught my attention. Once  traced, not only the composition of attractive colors that make the work of carla special in my eyes, but  the structure of the human body which she applied to her paintings. It seems made ​​redundant but it will eventually become a perfect combination and very comfortable to be seen and enjoyed. Far from it, the emotions of a woman in the painting really express the natural beauty that comes from within. Great  to see it in a work of art. Then what can i say? Yes, every woman  is beautiful!

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Written by Fiman Prayudi Utama for ART

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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