Tuesday, August 21, 2012

James Thompson

     James Thompson is currently a Southern California based “desoprapher” which includes design, photography, video graphics and video editing. In votreART, we know him more deeply as a photographer. His photographic works look quite unique, something unusual can be seen in our facebook page. The main object in his works are mostly dominated by women, as you can see here. In addition, the composition of the colors used by James always looks vivid, with the poses and expressions are also strong and looks "expensive". There was a day someone asked: "Why is it always a woman in a swimsuit?”, then we said, maybe his work is influenced by his lifestyle. But to be honest we were also wondering. So we asked the same question directly to James, and he answered:

"I like to photograph women in unique and extraordinary situations. Women are beautiful in their own unique ways, but to see an image of an attractive girl with a cone or trash can on her head makes people think. I want to be original, I want to be different, I want to be fun, wild, and crazy. Often times I'll shoot sexy girls in beautiful landscape settings, but with random synthetic or industrial objects. This juxtaposition makes people question the subtle reality of the image and remindsthe world of the infinite possibilities of originality. When people experience my photography, I want them to be experiencing something new with every photograph. I want them to experience something that they will remember, look back on, and ask themselves, 'what the fuck is actually happening here?' 

I pay attention to all artistic details such as color, line, shape, form, contrast. I love using vibrant contrasting colors and accentuating the subject with background lines. As a film lover I look at each one of my shoots as a mini movie set. It is my own production, my vision, that I try to bring story, but they call for the viewer to create that story with their own imaginations."

For more of his work, find him on instagram: @j_z_l 
Website jzlvisions.com
Twitter @_J_Z_L_

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