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Interview with Arno Kiss

Hello everyone,
We recently did an interview with Arno Kiss, a designer/illustrator/screw-up from Belgium. Well, to find out more about Arno and what he actually did, let's look at the following interview:

- Try to introduce yourself in a few short sentences:
Hello readers! My name is Arno Kiss, I’m a 21 year old designer/illustrator/screw-up from Antwerp, Belgium. I’m currently studying publicity (an over-glorified term forgraphic design.)I’m in myfinalyear and recentlystarted to workcommisions.

- Describe how you've started out; how you took your first steps to get to where you are now:
I started out as something completely different. I wanted to be an electrician when I was about 13-14. After studying that for 2 years, I had completely lost my interest. It was at about that time that I started drawing “tattoos” on my arms/hands in class. I felt the need to do something more creative. Because of my lack of effort and interest in school, I got kicked out. This forced me to look for another school so I took my chance and looked for an “art”-school. For the first time in years I felt like I was where I needed to be.

After screwing around with Adobe Creative Suite for about a year. A friend of mine (Nick Eliaerts) offered me to chance to design a flyer for a party he was throwing. After doing that I was pretty much sold and I’ve been practicing and working hard ever since.

- Describe your own work style:
I like working around “dark” subject-matter, I’m also kind of a perfectionist so I always try to put a lot of detail in my work. (It may not look like it but I really do.)

- How do you start your work (first steps of creation)?
Generally when I get a brief I poor myself a cup of coffee and put on some quiet peaceful music. Brainstorm a bit, go for a walk, a ride on the bus, the usual stuff. Then I start sketching out some ideas to work out a decent composition. I always sketch on paper because I feel like you can’t just rely on the computer to be able to draw decently.
After I finished the sketch I usual show it to the client. When I get the all-clear I start inking and after that tracing on the computer.

- What is your motivation/driving force?
My main motivation is just getting better. Progressing on every piece I do. I don’t really have any dreams, I just wanna see where it can take me.

- Are you satisfied with your own work?
I’m satisfied with it when I feel like it’s finished it but a day or two after that I’ll probably find something about it that I don’t like, or want to change. I think that’s one of my biggest flaws, although I feel like it’s a plus sometimes.

- What are you're biggest achievements so far?
I think everything I’ve done so far has been a major achievement. Just seeing my level of skill and execution rise every project is an achievement dor me.

- I've heard you have a little buisness going on where you sell your work; tell some more about it:
- Where are you hoping to take this buisness ?
- Shameless promotion: 
The business you’re talking about is actually more my sister’s project. She had an idea for a kind of webstore and I was instantly on board when she pitched it to me. She’s one of the most talented and most driven people I know. I don’t like getting credit for the business because it’s really 90% her doing.

If you or anyone you know likes cute and cuddly stuff, checkout Fluff ‘n Tuff (

- How would you discribe your 'perfect' job?
My perfect job is pretty simple, and I’ve practically only gotten perfect jobs. It’s just clients saying draw me something cool that fits in a certain theme. Love those jobs. (Especially if I can make it bloody.)

- What are your goals, and how are you planning to achieve these goals?
My goals are pretty simple. Just get better in everything I do.
I do have a long term-goal concerning publishing a book with other illustrators/designers. But more on that later.

- Anything you would like to add?
Just wanted to say thanks a ton for letting me do this interview. I hope you guys enjoy reading it. Sorry for any poor spelling or spelling. Also to other starting designers out there, keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll get noticed and you’re going to start loving it even more.

Artist name: Arno Kiss
Originates from Belgium
Company: Fluff ‘n Tuff
Personal website:

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