Saturday, April 6, 2013

Napoli Design Week 2013

Napoli Design District ( is a territorial-marketing action, its goal is promoting artistic and designer’s excellences through local networks, and improving Naples’s cultural offer mixing creativity, tradition and innovation. The NaDD Award was born by the desire to explore the creative energies of the city in a simple and direct way: without any limitation of training. The theme this year is “At Green”: Outdoor Design. The title is on ironic tune with the current global economic times; the participants have been called to produce one or more prototypes of objects included in the category of Outdoor Design. The winner is the ability to combine the power of local tradition with the culture of contemporary design. 

Naples Design Week ( is exposure 1/8 April 2013 from the best picks NaDD Award. The prototypes rewarded or not leaving the studios, laboratories and drawers and propose to the city and to the general public: the design objects leave the tunnels and go to propose in stores and showrooms looking for a direct contact with the public and the market, creating a display circuit that involves an area of the city, where culture mixes shopping and entertainment. Then activates a circuit virtuous citizen, a path in the creative and innovative dimension dell’handmade-design ideas, experiences and moments of analysis that no shortage of thrill and surprise the visitor, the tourist, the artist!
This second edition involving different cultural operators (associations, organizations, clubs, etc.) Each with its own offer creative, self-managed and self-funded auto-promoted in: art, culture, design, photography, music, etc. A collaboration « participated » to present to the public a package of special creative services during Design Week. It works so that the contacts with the « Design Week » abroad create a continuous exchange of information and turn into a fruitful collaboration. Have named the week of exposure with the words « Napoli Design Week » was a challenge: we know that the weeks of Design in Italy and abroad themselves of contributions and public and private organizations, collaborations and prestigious organization a series of cultural events that constitute the intellectual armor of those occasions. In Naples, a lot has been done in terms of debates, discussions, lectures and keynote valuable. We humbly we wanted to take the lead, hoping to be able to count on the support and contributions to intellectual and creative that this initiative is always with great enthusiasm, wide open.


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