Saturday, April 6, 2013

NaDD Award

In order to be able to renew with a simple idea of modularity obtaining the re-use of waste materials, the ability to connect to all Neapolitan of intelligent adaptation to the occasions of life and furnishing. Third prize for Ableto arch. Anna Lisa Pecora and arch. Ugo Falanga.

For versatility and adaptibility of the object, for the ability to characterize the urban fabric with an element that retains the impertimence of an accentwithout sacrificing the technological research and material. For innovative thinking on the subject of the arrest and urban how they interact with the environment. Second prize for Urban Emptyto arch. Chiara Cassese.

For the accomplished synthesis of intent sculptural, functional, communicative capacity of the project. For the ability to include in the urban elegance of expression, for renewed reflection with creative design a purely functional object and it made itself the object of furnishing. First prize for Emmeto arch. Andrea Fiore.

The Format Versus Award

Filippo Ianniello was the winner because of its strong feature of experimenter and innovator in the use and production of environmentally friendly materials and natural, even though they were already used in history through an innovative and unique creative, has given rise to a new material with aesthetic amazing. Without resorting to artificial materials and work only hand the lands of the volcano – lava, pozzolana, lava and ash – are reunited, and date in different shapes and colors for trays, frames, benches, tables and floors.

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