Saturday, September 29, 2012

Left Brain Right Brain Illustration by Bryant Arnold

We already know about the different functions in human brain. But when I was a child, I personally had experienced little difficulty in understanding the intent of this difference. I mean, if "something" with a very complicated shape which is located inside my head it really has a different function for each part, and distributed somehow neatly into the left and the right side. 
Now, with the presence of many illustrators, such confusion is easily resolved. A description of brain function now can be illustrated through a very interesting and representative picture. If you ask google, you will find a wide range of illustrations that try to describe the function of the brain, and one of them is an illustration created by Bryant Arnold, an artist, cartoonist, writer, photographer, creative Swiss Army knife, based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Bryant's "Left Brain Right Brain Illustration" has described in good detail the function of the left and right brain, not only through writing but also through form and colors he used. Admittedly, this could facilitate our understanding, especially when we have to explain this to the children, so that they can understand easily. At last, no more doubt that Bryant's illustration is one of the best I have ever seen.

For more about Bryant and his illustrations, you can visit his facebook page here! And follow him on Twitter @CartoonaDay!

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