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Photos Combined with Sketches

Combining sketch and photograph? If we talk about it 3 years ago may still be sound not familiar, but now with the emergence of modern artists who apply these concepts in their work, it seems not a new concept anymore. Ben Heine, an artist from Belgium who I interviewed last year (read again here) may be one of the pioneers who managed to bring this concept perfectly. It is undeniable, "Pencil vs. Camera" is a masterpiece, not only about the work itself, but the overall packaging that Ben gave to the whole series. Combination of real photos and pencil (which can also be done through the software such as Photoshop. How? find out here) is a result of the exploration of the imagination of the creator, so every artist can have different styles though using the same tool and technique. This kind of work is always able to lead the audience into the artist’s imagination. In 2013, we found two other artists, which I think do this well, they are Dan Lester, a young artist based in Leeds, England and Sébastien Del Grosso, a photographer based in Ecouen, France. Next we will look at both their works...

Dan Lester
Most of his work took a plain background with shades of warm beige.. not elaborate sketches, but somehow the whole combination made ​​by Dan could be seen to be so attractive, look soft and very pleasant in my eyes, though he drew his legs as the legs of the monster. Danny took his picture and some of his friends as the focus of this project, create an imagination about what might happen to them, which perhaps not possible in the real world. One of my favorites is the one where he made another version of himself who were strangling himself, ok confusing .. just look at the picture! looks very much alive. Apparently, not so much editing on the original image, making it look so natural, plus the proper placement and composition while sketches made with simple lines. Even one simple stroke seems to have been considered enough for him. For me personally, it makes it seem not so "popping up", but the end result makes it not so important anymore. Warm and fun, Well done! 

Get to know more about Dan, find him on Tumblr!

Sébastien Del Grosso
Now about "The sketch of a life" by Sébastien Del Grosso. Taking a gray background with light centered in the middle, making our view be focused to the displacement of the original photo to sketch. It seems he took a realistic theme, not about his ideas, but more to its application, it can be seen from the sketches that close to the actual shape, it's like being continued, except for one of his works which he drew another figure as a rabbit, one of my favorites! Scratches on his sketch looks bold, and it seems that he outsmarted by changing the contrast of the original photo. What a good idea, because in the end result, all can be seen together in harmony. However for Sébastien  I hope to see more versions, more "rabbits", perhaps?

"Catch & Sketch" - Behind the scene.

In this series "The sketch of a life", I wanted to illustrate my life, like my sketches gave birth to each of his actions or by intervension of someone I are close (for example in “sketch your mentor” with the intervention of my grandmother who taught me in the drawing), or events that have been important to me (like in “sketch the life” with the birth of my daughter “Cataleya”), but also with something a little more humorous (in “Catch & Sketch” for example with the intervention of my friend Cal Redback, or in “sketch and fight” with a battle of two artists with each his technique).

"Self sketch"

"The power of the sketch"

"Sketch your mentor"

"Catch & Sketch"

"Sketch your (x) dreams"

More about Sébastien's work, find him on: Facebook and 500px

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