Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eyelids Art by Katie Alves

Disney movies in the era of 90s probably had a big hand in creating a fantasy world in many children who grew up at that time. It is undeniable that until now, both icons and setting of the place that we've seen on our favorite movies is still strong inherent in our memory, and we still love it! Sometimes we even have fantasies about these movies, and make it as a world of our own - just close your eyes and you will see it clearly! But through this one art, not only you will be able to see it but also the people around you.
DeviantARTist Katie Alves who might be able to realize this through her Eyelids Art. Specifically, this 21-year-old makeup artist based in Canada has decided to transfer the scene from her favorite cartoons and movies for children on the eyelids. Although it sounds unbelievable, in fact she manage it to realize her imaginations, a scene from The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast, The little Mermaid to Alice in Wonderland.. we could see it all on her DA. For this project Katie needed make-up standard accessories: shades, eyeliner and much, much patience and skill.

Similar with the other works of body painting, this kind of art can not be seen every day, except the artist capture it through photos. There are many artists who make the body as the medium of painting, but unfortunately not all of them capture their work well, so it does not take impression at all. This 'Eyelids Art' by Katie Alves is probably not the best detail I have ever seen, but it is covered by perfect gradations on every background she created, stunning enough to make people looked at it for a long time until they noticed the picture on the front.  It really is understandable because the skin pores are very unstable in contrast to the canvas or paper. However in my opinion, she has successfully shown us the atmosphere of Disney. Best of all, her works are well documented!! So here are some and you can also check for more through her DA, HERE or facebook page HERE! She also created the lip art and nail art, so I recommend you to see her other works now! 

                                         (Images via www.katiealves.deviantart.com)

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