Monday, December 17, 2012

“In The Dollhouse” by Dina Goldstein

Barbie and perfection, two words which are difficult to separate, but perhaps that is what is recorded in our memories about this phenomenal doll. She is gorgeous, has a beautiful house, and in the end she met Ken, another perfect doll. But have you ever think about other possibilities of the perfect lives of Barbie and Ken? If not, perhaps Vancouver-based photographer Dina Goldstein could give you a little illustration about the other side of their lives through her project "In the Dollhouse", which imagines the less than perfect lives of B&K, who may have a few too many interests in common. 

Photo credit: Dina Goldstein

At first we thought they were real dolls, but in fact they are real human beings who transformed like dolls. Vicky Lee Chan is behind the make-up design for this project, also worked with Dina on her groundbreaking series, Fallen Princesses.
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