Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christian Awe Web Show on ART WEB RADIO

Visit the entire exhibition on in partnership with "votreART" & "Arts, Artists, Artwork": For me music plays a very important role. It gives my work composition through rhythm and beats. Guru’ Jazzmatazz and Jamiroquai keep me awake at night. Hip Hop legends like Nas and Tupac help me pump energy onto the canvas. Travelling and discovering new music keeps me inspired, therefore Artwebradio's vibes give me the flow to continue my creative process. Christian Awe for Art Web Radio All Rights Reserved.

About the artist...

Christian Awe began his painting career as an urban expressionist painter on the streets of Berlin in the early 90s. At the Berlin Universität der Künste he studied under Georg Baselitz and received his “Meisterschüler” in 2006 under Daniel Richter.
Awe's paintings oscilate between figuration and abstraction and astound with expressive color. He employs spray paint and acrylics, ink and water-colors, markers and oil pastels. Through scraping, ripping or even digging out entire chunks of color, he exposes hidden layers resting beneath, allowing them to resurface, thereby creating poetic pictoral spaces that possess an inscrutability of depth. Upon closer examination delicate details – tiny bursts of color and stenciled forms - speak of Awe’s artistic journey, while from a distance, his compositions evoke associations not dissimilar to cloud formations.
As artist-in-residence at Princeton University, Awe taught experimental painting in Princeton in 2011. In recognition of Awes dedication to art education, he received 2012 the “Art connecting Cities” Award for social projects from the city of Perm, Russia. There he conceived a live-performance with the youth ballet and the installation “what you feel inside art”. Awe's large scale mural at the Pedagogical University now symbolizes the inspirational side of public art in Perm.
Last year Awe’s works were shown at the Orlando Museum of Art, the Permm Museum of Contemporary Art in Russia, at the Art Dubai and Art Cologne, and in 2012 in exhibitions in Berlin, Paris and Vienna. At the moment Awe is preparing a 500 sqm public art installation to be realized in Berlin in the summer 2012.

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