Saturday, October 20, 2012

'Continuum of Consciousness' Installation Made of Crystal Glasses by Linda Sim Solay

     In this life I believe that people who devote himself to the positive things, and do it consciously, having an invisible light that emanates from the body, either downward (into the earth) and up (to the sky), no end. But I do not know how to visualize it until I saw an exhibition pamphlet, mentioned Continuum of Consciousness by Linda Sim Solay.

With great curiosity, I decided to come to the exhibition held in the auditorium of the Institute Français Indonesia (located in Bandung, West Java - Indonesia), 12-25 October 2012, to see if this is the visualization of what I mean.
At the entrance I met the curator, Roy Voragen from Roma Arts. He gave me a leaflet containing information about the work being exhibited in the room. I intentionally do not directly read the details of this installation, just to make sure I will react spontaneously and not "intimidated" by what is supposed to be felt. A room with dim light around. Immediately my mind focused into crystal glasses which are glued together, forming a pillar in front of me. Flanked by two round mirrors on the top and the base with pieces of broken glass around, complementing this arrangement as if it's endless. The light shines in the glass at the base, with a particular dynamics.

”The created space can be perceived as a continuum, allowing for both focus and contemplation of its personal experience, without sensory starting- or endpoints. Notably, the very nature of a continuum lies beyond intellectual analysis.” -Linda

If I am allowed to describe what I see beyond what I have seen, this installation lock both energy derived from the material used, the room around, or even the energy carried by the visitors. It feels like there is a vortex of energy, such as fog, in the room that surrounds the pillar as its center. Me myself imagine that pillar is a man meditating with high concentration within, constantly sitting in the middle of a dynamic vortex energy. Physically, this installation makes me a little headache, probably due to the effect of scent, or perhaps even the existence of discrepancies in the energy that we both have. 

At the end of my visit, I realized the existence of the benches around me is part of the installation. Take a sit and dwell on it, become one with the energy in the crystal glasses to feel the effect in more optimal, and you will not have a headache as I have. Well, whether this is a visualization what I mean or not, this 'Continuum of Consciousness' installation has given a spiritual experience, even though for just a moment.

About the artist...

Linda Sim Solay is a Swedish-Austrian artist whose practice in fine art photography and installation focuses on psychological evolutionary thematics and contemporary physics. Her work is orientated around shaping audience-internal atmosphere and potential for perceptive immersion. She has exhibited internationally in numerous solo, collaborative and group exhibitions; framed by extensive travels and artist residencies. Linda earned her BA in Media Arts from RMIT in Melbourne under Dr. Les Walkling in 2005 and is currently studying for her MA researching Scent Art at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore.

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