Thursday, April 19, 2012


"ART IS EVERYWHERE" project, photo by Marcus Gregar-Rive, taken along with the children of KCC Slum Project.

About KCC Slum Project...

Kitendo Children’s Charity (KCC) Slum Project was launched in September 2009 by a group of five international volunteers through IVHQ who were placed in Naivasha, in partnership with a local partner from Nairobi, Fadhili Community.
The project was started in response to an evident need, that was made known to the group  through some initial discussions and research within the KCC community.

 Up until the time of commencing the project, the community had received minimal aid for development or relief, and so the identified needs of the community, particularly with the children, were the initial starting points to map out the project.
The core notion of the project has been that any  impoverished community requires driven initiatives that deliver basic human rights. Development programs need to act as stepping stones for people out of poverty.

Through every challenge the project has grown progressively by creating a path towards the vision, in  building sustainable solutions and fighting poverty at the grassroots level.



To empower slum dwelling children by walking with them to the point where they are self-reliant.




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